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Crew Management

As a Crewing & Manning Agent, the company is engaged in recruiting well qualified, experienced, professional & skilled seafarers to  International Vessels. Our company is now in active position to supply crews for Dry Cargo Vessels, Bulk Carriers, AHTS, DP Vessels,  Supply Vessels, Container Vessels, Product Tankers, Chemical Tankers to the world-wide Shipping Companies.  Our competent & experienced crew who hold genuine certificates are reliable, trustworthy, skilled, well trained, hardworking & honest.

Our entirely web-based personnel administration system gives real-time access to all personnel data as well as digital copies of all relevant licenses and course diplomas. All Owners have online access to their vessel and crew.

We have earned the reputation as one of the most prestigious & reliable company sending qualified &  experienced Deck and Engine Officers and Crew to the ships own by various well companies in countries such as, Middle East, Europe Etc.

Patrick Ocean Ship Management serves a number of customers world-wide.  They share our view that personnel is our most important asset and crucial for preserving the value of their vessels.  Patrick Ocean Ship Management serves a number of companies operating for oil majors and national oil companies.

Technical Management

Underpinning our adeptness in offering a full portfolio of third party technical ship management services is our team of highly skilled and dedicated superintendents.

We monitor the vessels' performance closely to ensure optimum operating efficiency. Further, any ship(s) placed under our care are inspected at regular intervals by the superintendent concerned to follow up on all aspects of shipboard operational matters and to maintain an active contact with the vessel.

Our technical staff is ready to timely respond to emergency on 24 x 365 basis. Flying squads are available to resolve critical situations and limit technical downtime. Long-lasting relationships with selected shipyards around the world guarantee well-organized and cost-effective repairs and dry-dockings.

Regular dialogue with Classification Societies and Maritime Administrations ensures efficient ship administration.

Offshore Management

We understand the importance of expert planning for the successful delivery of projects; identifying and mitigating potential risk early creates an environment conducive to delivering the overall project to schedule and within budget. Our independent technical advice, coupled with our up to date knowledge of vessels and equipment, enables us to optimally assist our clients with the management of risk, quality and project delivery.

Knowledge is one of our key competencies; we strive to maintain this through continual improvement, ensuring every member of our team is trained and equipped to the highest standards, keeping us at the fore of the offshore industry.

Flag State Documentation Services

Flag State Authorities are prestigious authorities. It is very obvious that there is a need of Flag state Certification to ship owner and seafarers time to time. Many seafarers (crew) apply for CoC, CDC, CoE and Watch-keeping to various Flag State Authorities like Panama, Honduras, Liberia, UK, Belize etc...

Patrick Ocean Ship Management wants and has capacity to organize and bring Flag State Certification services to a single point of contact for ship owner and seafarers some of the key features are as under.

Seafarers and vessel owners can easily reach Flag State Authority for their need through our Global network and vice versa.

Seafarers and Ship owners can be served in their area and time zone through our global network for any flag state certification requirements.

Patrick Ocean Ship Management wants to eradicate unprofessional and unethical practices so that the ship owners and seafarers get right Guidance and treatment and services for availing Flag state certification services with full compliance.

Patrick Ocean Ship Management is bridging the gap between Flag state Authorities to Ship owners and seafarers making its services approachable globally and thus establishing image and goodwill of Flag State Authority Globally.